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1. PictureRename v. 1 1.0 (Build 1.35

1. PictureRename v. 1 1.0 (Build 1.35

1. PictureRename v. 1 Publisher's Description

Which PictureRename v. 1 is exact... Would you like your pictures and/or Foto's fast and simply to rename and to them meaningful file names give? ... With PictureRename v. 1 have you the solution!!! Also you transferred already times Foto's from your digital camera or photo Handy to your Windows PC and had to determine that nearly all equal Dateienamen are. In order to assign meaningful file names, you had to rename your Foto's with much time and work, laboriously and complicated by hand. ... Owing to PictureRename v. 1 is now conclusion thereby!!! With PictureRename v. 1 is now a children's game your files in such a way to designate it a meaningful file name gotten it. This geschied in very short time and with only few Mausklicks. And so simply geht's... * 1. Select listing and mark Foto's... * 2. File names arrange and in the preview examine... * 3. All marked files as in the preview at one time rename... ... FINISHED which carries PictureRename out v. 1... * Selection of all Foto's with only one mouse-click * miniature opinion of the Foto's for better orientation * announcement of the EXIF information stored in JPEG files * changed files can directly into other listings be copied * free adjustable sample for file names with many options * current file name can in the new name with be used * free adjustable counter range from 0 to 99999999 * all sections by dragee & drop among themselves exchangeably * free defined separator between the sections * all files of a Verzeichnises at one time umbenannen * JPEG EXIF information directly into the file name formation to merge (e.g. dissolution, manufacturer, model, dimension of picture area, ISO value, date, time...) * and still much more... Now with many NEW functions... * Windows software which can be served simply * executable under Win98, WinME, WinNT4, Win2000 and WinXP * NO installation or auxiliary software necessarily * can be copied directly on memory cards and from there also started * all attitudes to become stored and remains thus fully received * free updates on the main version of Picture Rename v. 1 * and still much more... Hardware requirement... PictureRename v. 1 functioned with each hardware e.g. digitally camera, video camera, photo Handy, PC memory cards, CompactFlash, MultiMediaCard, SmartMediaCard, USB stick and all other data media at a PC the attaching and on with the Windows the Explorer can being accessed.

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